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Non-Surgical Urinary Incontinence Treatment & Ultrasonic Vagina Tightening

Current New Technological Vagilift application     (Not Laser)

VAGILIFT provides a deeper effect than laser and without damaging the mucosa

 New Technology  Application of Focused Ultrasound Is Very Different From Laser ! 

Urinary Incontinence Treatment Satisfaction
Ultrasonic Vagina Tightening

In the treatment of urinary incontinence

 In genital tightening 

 Non-surgical solution

Ultrasonic Vagina Tightening


             It is the newest vaginal tightening application based on the up-to-date  HIFU technology.

             Tightening with Vagilift is a fully non-invasive and ultrasonic application.     

             It is a safe and comfortable application that provides much better patient compliance. It has a strong firming effect that creates tightening by stimulating the body's own collagen synthesis, thanks to focal points of thermal damage in the layers under the mucosa. Because HIFU is an advanced technology that can make the vaginal tightening effect non-invasively without causing any mucosal damage, while HIFU only affects the submucosa and lamina propria layers at 3mm and 4.5mm depths with focused ultrasonic energy. 


 New Trend in vaginal tightening and tightening

Vaginal Tightening
         No Mucosa Damage
A New Method That Doesn't Require Anesthesia

VTightening of the entire angina is now possible!

It has the latest technology and does not require anesthesia, VAGILIFT application;

A better sexual life as it can be applied at any age,

Increase in the sense of pleasure in men and women,

No bleeding, scarring or scarring,

Free from complications with non-invasive approach

comfortable application.

Obtained by stimulating the body's own collagen and elastin fibers,

there is literally a natural feeling of vaginal tightening.

It is a method that can be applied to all age groups, including young patients.

It does not prevent vaginal birth that may occur afterwards.

It is an application that is easy to repeat when necessary. 

Vagilift Ultrasonic Vagina Tightening
Vaginal Tightening
Vaginal Tightening
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Screenshot 2016-06-16 23.07.12
Screenshot 2016-06-16 23.07.36
Screenshot 2016-06-16 23.07.36
Screenshot 2016-06-16 23.07.12
Screenshot 2016-06-16 23.07.36
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