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*Vaginal Tightening

* Incontinence treatment

*Menopausal Dryness Treatment

*Vaginal Flexibility and Elasticity 

*Sensitivity in the Sense of Sexual Pleasure 

Non-Surgical, Non-Laser*

No Anesthesia*

New RF Technology* 

Easy Application*

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With “Vaginal Radiofrequency Narrowing”

Urinary Incontinence or Vagina Tightening

A new and effective application in the treatment of non-surgical

            Urinary incontinence or loosening of the vaginal canal in women is very common in society and is a disease that affects the quality of daily life but is also neglected. Made  In the studies, it is stated that although it is different according to the advancing age groups, there are urinary incontinence complaints of 25% to 60%, but only 1/3 of them directly report this complaint to the doctor, and the remaining 2/3 of them have urinary incontinence only if the doctor asks the patient. has been detected. The reason for this is that this complaint is accepted by women with advanced age, embarrassment, neglect, fear of surgery, etc.   has been revealed. However, it is known that it affects daily life, and that a woman's clothes getting wet unexpectedly in daily life can cause serious social embarrassment. Or, it is a difficult situation for the woman to feel that she has to use a pet all the time to prevent this, especially in the hot summer months. At the same time, the complaint of urinary incontinence is a troublesome situation that can cause embarrassment for the sexual life of the woman, and her relations with her husband are also negatively affected.

        VagiAnd radiofrequency other usage areas; Many sexual dysfunction problems such as sexual dysfunction, anorgasmia (inability to have an orgasm), difficulty in orgasm, vaginal looseness, sexual reluctance, loss of flexibility and loosening of the vaginal tissue over time, dryness due to tissue circulation disorder, decreased sensation in sensitivity points such as the clitoris and "G point". problems become an important problem in women over time, and even according to an academic study conducted in Turkey, it was found that 70% of our women have sexual dysfunction. When this is the case, VagiVe Radiofrequency application, which provides the opportunity to solve the problems of women such as sexual dysfunction, orgasm disorders, urinary incontinence, without using laser, without surgery, with a non-invasive and effective application,  Vaginal Radiofrequency application is a safe method whose effectiveness has been proven in many clinical studies conducted in the world.  With VagiVe radiofrequency application, urinary incontinence treatment, genital tightening, increase in the rate of sexual pleasure, a better quality of sex life thanks to the feeling of vaginal tightness and humidity, creates satisfactory results that raise expectations for both women and men.

         Many different drug treatments or surgical treatment methods have been applied for urinary incontinence to date, and the success rates are variable. But most importantly, all of them have potential failure and side effects. Today, while many women expect more comfortable non-surgical treatment methods, VagiVe vaginal Radiofrequency method, which can meet these expectations, provides comfort and comfort for the patient during the application, while creating a high level of satisfaction in terms of effectiveness. On the other hand, unlike laser applications, VagiVe radiofrequency application does not cause any burns or tissue damage on the mucous surface to which it is applied, allowing women to continue their daily life and sexual activity without interruption. While only a warm feeling is perceived by women while applying, the fact that no anesthesia is required is an important advantage of the VagiVe application. After the VagiVe procedure, the woman can continue her daily life exactly where she left off. There is no need for any healing process with VagiVe vaginal Radiofrequency. In this way, the recovery, tightening and narrowing of the vaginal tissue for our women not only makes a positive contribution to their sexual life, but also takes its place as an advanced technological application that has the potential to provide solutions for possible urinary incontinence complaints.

       The fact that the treatment with VagiVe is a non-surgical application that can be applied to all age groups, young and old, provides the opportunity to be applied to women who have given birth or not. With VagiVe, not only narrowing and tightening can be observed, but also vaginal moisture balancing, increased sexual pleasure, and improvement in both types of urinary incontinence (compression type and stress type). VagiVe Radiofrequency application gives our women the chance to be a non-surgical advanced technological solution that does not require even anesthesia, in order to support the genital area and to eliminate the looseness that occurs over time.          



Kiss. Dr. Adnan Ozkutucu

Women's Hospital Birth and IVF Specialist

Satisfaction in Urinary Incontinence Treatment
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