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GYNECOLOGY (Gynecology)

GYNECOLOGY  applications

genital aesthetics

Vaginal tightening

Cosmetic gynecological operations

VAGINISMUS (and sexual therapy)

Urinary incontinence opr.

Women's health routine examination and

cancer screening

Premenstrual Syndrome and its treatment 

Family planning and prevention methods

Endocrine Diabetes Thyroid

Endometriosis diagnosis and treatment

laparoscopic surgery

Gynecological surgical interventions.

Dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain)

Treatment of dysmenorrhea with alternative therapy

Gynecological surgical interventions

Menopause and hormone replacement therapy


ovarian cyst

pelvic infection,

pregnancy evacuation,

recurrent vaginal infection

Complementary treatment applications

AğrIsIz Doğtake itğum


Sexual dysfunction therapy

ozone therapy
obesity treatment weight control


We have started to apply a new, effective and aesthetic method in the treatment of wart (HPV) lesions with PLASMA Technology.
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